King, king, you say that you don't bite, but transform people in goblin....I prefer the bite...

You should not speak so freely, mortal greyface Such avowel could cost you so much, such as your freedom, your consiece mind, or even your soul

If I was Sarah I totally would've chosen you over the baby.

This concerns me, if the babe were your own flesh and blood you wouldn’t care if it were to be distorted into something it is not? Such proclamations trouble me, the mortals of this day and age are so trivial

Do you "ship" Jarah or Sareth (You and Sarah hooking up)? ~GK

What is it about Sarah that all of you are so enraptured about? Out of all of my runners she is the most talked of. And what in the name of Oberon does “hooking up” convey?

Can I please touch your hair *-*

Touch it and you shall face an unspeakable wrath.

You are a beautiful, beautiful man

Thank you, kind mortal.

how long have you been watching Sarah? and just how much did you find out?

I don’t fully understand…. I haven’t watched Sarah since the night she conquered her run in the Labyrinth.

At Last, I Have Returned
Thank you all for your patience

I apologize for my absence. How long has it been now? Two mortal years? Three? Whatever it may be for you all it feels like forever.

I shall reply to all of your inquiries as soon as I can get off mobile.

{Yes, if you must know I received a kindle for my “birthday” from a friend. Also, yes, I do very much enjoy reading}

I shall return soon my lovely followers. Till then, patience, please.

How did you become Goblin King?

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So, why do you wear those pants? A fashion statement? Or more of a ego statement?

How about a service to the public? I have amazing legs and…. Other features that must be adored. 

I must depart for the night.

I have duties to attend to and will return sometime tomorrow. I feel as if this internet is sucking all intelligence from my brain… So many pop-tart kittens and misspelled words… It’s all too much to suffer through long periods of time. So I’m off. Have a nice evening, little peaches.

And then I learned the consequences that came along with rejecting and completely refusing my dreams.

And what were these consequences, silly girl?

Oh, Kingy, I do hide from you. There are good reasons though. Maybe the best for both of us.

Ah, and what exactly are these reasons? I thought “Sarah” was bold and unafraid of danger.

Goblin King and Dragon Princess meet




*Dani shook her head* oh no, we can’t let that happen can we. Your memory flows through all realms they all speak of the great goblin King. I’d love to visit your kindgom if of course you’d allow it? *she looked at him with a gentle smile and kind eyes*

*He tapped his chin for a moment while analyzing the Dragon Princess* I suppose so… You don’t seem too threatening. *He grinned and shot her wink. They were suddenly standing at the beginning of the labyrinth.* Where too first, Princess?

*she shook her finger* looks can be so very deceiving my king, can’t always trust what your eyes tell you *she gave a giggle and bit her lip. The enterance to his labyrinth amazed her, she had never seen something quit like it before in her life. Still looking at the grand doors she asked Jareth* I wouldn’t know where to begin *she looked back into his eyes* lead me?

Very well then, follow me. *Stepping up to the Labyrinth’s walls a door suddenly appeared for him. The doors swung open revealing the Labyrinth quickly making a straight path for its master* First we shall visit the dwarf village. I’ve been needing to check up on them but haven’t found time till now. I hope you don’t mind me bringing business into our little trip.*He smiled and offered her his arm politely*